Welcome to the Blog



Hey guys, this is the maiden voyage of our new blog. Super exciting! We're looking to posting a new blog here at least once a week until the end of time. The plan is to provide some helpful and sometimes opinionated information on the real estate market in Toronto. This blog will certainly be a learning process, so I'm hoping in time I'll be much better at writing in a year or so. Wish me luck!

What to expect

  1. Monthly Market Updates on the Toronto real estate market. I'll be putting up fancy graphs, numbers and comparisons and make it as informative and easy to understand as I can.
  2. Real Estate Tips and Tricks, like maximizing the value of your home or what to look out for when your looking for your next place to call home.
  3. Highlighting awesome new listings of my own and spreading the love by sharing some cool listings in Toronto from other great Realtors too.
  4. Sharing wonderful business in Toronto! I love find new and unique restaurants and activities around where I live - I know it can make such an impact on our lifestyle. Maybe I'll help you find the amazing diner just 10 mins away you go to on the weekends for brunch after sleeping in! Or a cool date spot of Tuesday nights! Oh the possibilities :)

Moving forward

As with pretty much all new adventures, I'm expecting some bumps in the road and learning curves. The goal will always be to provide good, informative (and hopefully a little entertaining) information to you. How I get there will certainly be changing and evolving as we're moving forward.

With that, I'd also like to ask you if you have anything you want me to share or to go more in depth in, please please let me know! All this content is what I think would be helpful for fellow Torontonians to know but I won't think of everything. Help me out and let me know.