1. Acknowledge I know what you want when selling real estate
    1. Netting the most money in your pocket in a reasonable time
    2. Which is not always about paying the least amount of commission! It's about bringing the most value to you.
    3. Reinforce with fear of loss (hiring the cheapest realtor will most likely take longer to sell and not get your home sold for as much as it should or even worse, not sell at all. Which carries cost of loss of sale value and carrying cost of owning your property for longer.)
  2. # Step Marketing Plan
    1. Amazing Photography
    2. Property Video
    3. Floor Plan
    4. Virtual Tour Website
    5. Social Media & Classified Marketing Posts (with paid boosts)
    6. Feature Sheet
    7. Home Staging
    8. Open Houses
    9. Property Cleaning
    10. Networking
    11. MLS & For Sale Sign
  3. Why list with me (what I do different)
    1. I care & work hard
    2. Certified Negotiation Expert
    3. Competition Analysis
    4. Comparable Sold Analysis
    5. Background in marketing and communications
    6. Paperless documents
  4. FAQ (maybe on another page under 'Selling' tab?)
    • How long does it take for my home to sell?
    • How much commission do you charge?
    • What do you do to get my home sold?
    • How often do you communicate and keep my updated?
    • How much did my neighbour sell their house for?
    • What makes you so special?
    • Why should I pay you more than the other guy?
    • How much experience do you have?
    • It it just you or do you work with a team?
    • How much money will I end up with in my pocket after the sale?
    • What if I'm also buying a property after the sale?
    • I don't want to sound rude, but how old are you?
  5. Contact Button for home evaluation or listing presentation