Buying Overview



  • Buying real estate is more than telling me how many bedrooms, bathrooms and your budget. We can set a in person meeting over coffee or a Skype/facetime call to go over all the details of the buying process and what you're looking for.
  • Searching for real estate is FUN but can also be daunting and scary

Buying Process

  1. The Meeting
  2. The Search
  3. The Offer
  4. The Conditions
  5. The Closing
  6. The Costs

Tips for Buyers (3-6 articles from the blog)

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  • In all likelihood I can't be searching for your home as much as you would. I've found most buyers are online searching first thing in the morning and during meals (there's real FOMO when searching for your new home)
  • is great but has limitations; they have an up-to 24 hours lag and what it's showing to the public (so hot listings are often sold before people even see it show up!), limited search results and doesn't work well on mobile devices (yes, there's an app for that but I've got something better).
  • Collab is real time, you can save search terms and set notifications for new listings that fit your criteria! You can share notes on listings with me and if I find a property I think you'll like and can send it to you all through Collab.
  • It's a free to use invite only amazing tool a lot of realtors aren't using
  • sign up below or give me a call for an invite or you have any questions