New Gear: Wacom Intuos Pro

I've recently made the next addition to my gear: The Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet (Small)

I feel fairly comfortable now with where I am with my photography gear, but a space I've been wanting to improve at is post production on my images. Sometimes the images I work on can become very complex and take several hours for just a single image to be finished in post - a lot of photoshop layers and even more brushing layers and effects. Before the tablet I would always use the Apple Trackpad, but after using the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for several weeks now I don't think I can go back. The amount of detail and precision you're able to get from this is (especially with the pressure and tilt sensitivity) is on a whole other level compared to using a trackpad or a mouse.

Next plan is to screen capture some photoshop work on new addition to the family - just need to find a nice image to show this guy off on!