Real Estate Lighting - Light on a Stick

This is my most used photography tool apart from the actual camera and tripod. This is because almost every shot I take of an interior space would benefit from some extra light - this is what I use to add it in.

Traditionally, when photographing a property the photographer will mount flashes onto light stands and arrange them in the room. This with fill the space with additional light to compensate for the bright light coming through the windows or to create a desired mood. The problem this has for real estate photography is that the realtor usually only allows an hour to photograph the entire property, approximately 20 images. Setting up lights for each image is much too time consuming to create this amount of images in the given time.

The solution: the light on a stick.

  • Painter's Poll
  • Pole Pixie Pro attachment
  • Yongnuo YN560II
  • Pocket Wizard Radio Trigger
  • Velcro SpeedStrap for light modifiers

Light on a Stick

The process: instead of setting up flashes on light stands, I use this. I pop the flash in the same locations where I would have put them on the light stand and take individual images for each flash pop. In post I then layer the images on top of each other and blend the added light on top of each other. This process allows me to control each separate flash of light independently and with fine detail - much more control in post than a traditional image.