Composite Image: Before and After

Last week I shot a beautiful condo in downtown Toronto for Sally Lian, and I wanted to showcase a new method I've been using to create images of interior spaces. The main idea comes from Mike Kelly's technique, highlighted in the Fstoppers guide - except modified for a faster approach which makes it feasible for regular ol' real estate listing photo shoots. Check it out:

The Original Image:

The main problem with this image is the over-exposed window. The eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of the image and is constantly pulling you to the left away from the room. While the room looks awesome and you can still see there's a great view outside, the giant window is too distracting.

Final Composite Image:

The process is to light the room with strobes and add highlights to all the objects in the shot separately, then composite them all together in the photoshop. The result is a well balanced, focused image and allows viewers to feel the mood of room.

I've been using this method for several weeks now and completely loving it. If there's any new tips and tricks I've figured out as this process evolves, I'll be posting updates here.

I'll be posting a much more in depth guide on how this image was created in the future, so stay tuned!