New Gear: A Need For Speed

I find that with any new piece of photography gear it does one of two thing - it either gives you the ability to capture something you otherwise couldn't have done before (like a new lens), or it helps you do what you do faster and more conveniently.

My latest purchase falls right into that second one.

Lear Professional 1066X 64GB Compact Flash Card


This little beast speeds up some very necessary processes I go through on a daily basis. From the fraction of time it cuts from snapping a shot to previewing on the back on the camera to the time intensive process of moving all the images from the card onto my laptop for editing, this little guy puts less time on waiting around and more into getting shit done.

This is even more true for me when handling the extra large files of the Nikon D800 - somewhere between 50 and 75MBs per image really does add up. It also really slows down the middle tier compact flash cards.

I've been using this card for a couple of days now and I have to say it's a great addition to my gear set. We'll still have to see how it holds up over the long haul, but I'm feeling very confident.